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May 2023 Newsletter

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Alexandroff Joins Robert Porter on KCAA Radio San Bernardino

Advocating for Californians for more than 30 years, Attorney Victor Alexandroff joined Robert Porter of KCAA Radio San Bernardino on March 6, 2023, to educate Californians on their legal rights. As part of the “I Love San Bernardino” program, Victor answered questions live on-air regarding accident cases and local cases against governmental entities of interest […]

A Personal Injury Firm Founded on Reputation and Integrity

In the competitive arena of personal injury law, building a thriving practice takes dedication, integrity and a strong reputation for legal prowess. Attorney Victor Alexandroff, founder of personal injury firm Alexandroff Law Group, has these qualities in spades. He is proud that the firm’s upward growth has been propelled by satisfied clients telling family, friends […]

Landmark $18.85M Settlement In Wrongful Death Case

Attorney Daniel Ghyczy of Alexandroff Law Group obtained a $18.85 million settlement on behalf of the family of Monique Munoz. Ms. Munoz was tragically killed in 2021 when 17-year-old Brendan Khuri of Beverly Hills, CA ran a red light while driving his Lamborghini SUV at 100+ mph during rush hour traffic, violently crashing into her vehicle. This […]

What Information is Needed After a Slip, Trip or Fall?

It’s a beautiful day, life is good when suddenly you find yourself on the ground in pain. Depending on the severity of the fall you may be dealing with pain and physical therapy for days, weeks, months, or even years. You no doubt replay in your mind what happened. Were you just clumsy or was […]

What to Know About Dog Bites in California?

California leads the country in earthquakes and wildfires. Unfortunately, it now tops another inauspicious list, dog bites. While man’s best friend usually just wants a treat sometimes, they aren’t so friendly. While most people associate Pitbulls and German Shepherds with dog bites, Chihuahuas actually top the list nationwide as the breed that bites the most […]

Who Do I Sue After A Car Accident?

Imagine you’re sitting on the 405, stuck in traffic, trying to get to work. The driver behind you is too busy tweeting about traffic instead of paying attention. You and your car pay the price when he slams into you. The damage to your vehicle is evident and you too may have serious injuries. At […]