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A Personal Injury Firm Founded on Reputation and Integrity

In the competitive arena of personal injury law, building a thriving practice takes dedication, integrity and a strong reputation for legal prowess. Attorney Victor Alexandroff, founder of personal injury firm Alexandroff Law Group, has these qualities in spades. He is proud that the firm’s upward growth has been propelled by satisfied clients telling family, friends and associates about the outstanding legal services they received that helped them navigate a difficult period in their lives.

Victor has focused on his personal injury practice full time since 2015, after retiring as a deputy city attorney for the City of Los Angeles, where he worked for 24 years defending high-profile premises liability, civil rights and police excessive force claims against the city.

Over $250 million in settlements and verdicts

Today, his law firm employs 25 people and assists clients from offices in Los Angeles, Victorville and Turlock. With Victor at the helm, the firm has recovered more than $250 million in settlements and verdicts for clients in cases involving auto and trucking accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice and other personal injury matters.

An avid motorcyclist who rides with several Harley Davidson clubs and groups in Southern California, Victor is especially committed to representing injured motorcycle riders and has won significant awards for them. In a recent case, his client was offered a low settlement of  approximately $50,000. Victor and his team took the case to trial and obtained a jury verdict of $3.7 million on behalf of the rider. He attributes his success as a trial attorney to his experience trying over 50 cases to jury verdicts while with the City of Los Angeles defense attorney, as well as a plaintiff’s attorney representing injured parties.

Extensive experience on both sides of the legal table

Taking cases to trial early in his career gained Victor strong skills in jury selection, how to present cases to a jury and how to argue cases to juries. One especially notable case he handled during the 1990s was Al Joyner v. City of Los Angeles, in which Olympic gold medalist Al Joyner, who was married to seven-time Olympic gold medal runner Florence Griffith Joyner, sued the city alleging civil rights violations by the LAPD. Victor successfully defended the city in that suit.

His background in defense work combined with his present practice as a plaintiff’s lawyer, gives him unique insight into both sides of the legal table. This insight is advantageous to clients because it allows Victor to better understand how the opposing side thinks and operates and how cases may progress. While personal injury cases are often settled outside of court, Victor is not afraid to go all the way to trial when the situation calls for it.

On dedicating 100% of his time to personal injury after retiring from a rewarding career with the city, he says, “I love the profession and I like representing people and helping them out, so I wanted to continue working.”